While Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta has sparked no shortage of conversation and controversy about its portrayal of a group of women and the men they love, Mona Scott-Young's popular program has propelled a number of artists and personalities into the spotlight who might otherwise not have such opportunities. The music industry is fickle, and the fates of artists are often only loosely tied to the quality of the art they produce. With Love & Hip-Hop, a number of former stars have become stars again.

As a result, a bunch of artists who had been known primarily for their contributions to music are now known for their personalities on a television show. America's cultural memory—despite all of our "remember the '90s" nostalgia—isn't that strong. It's easy to forgot how profound were, say, Stevie J's contributions to hip-hop, or how big Rasheeda really was, or how far back Benzino's career really goes. Here are ten things you probably didn't know about the cast of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta. 

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