We know that you think deep and tech house can be and usually is boring and monotonous, and it can be, but you could say that about any genre, though. Joris Voorn is one name on the deep and tech side of things that's really doing something different. His stirring style of emotional and melodic house has a pop sensibility that few of his ilk have been able to master.  Now Voorn is flexing that pop skill with his new remix for Scandinavia's Lykke Li's "No Rest For The Wicked."  With a deep, boiling sub-bass undulating on the low-end of this, Voorn uses Li's voice to bring a sense of light and air to this tune and together makes this into one moving pulse.  The pulse perhaps of house music's future as pop in the global market place? I don't know about all that, but I do know that I am loving this tune though and am excited to see Voorn work with more artists outside of his normal wheelhouse and take on some poppier projects where he can spread his wings.