Rap fans definitely treat hip-hop like every single one of them is backseat driving another rapper's career. "See what he should do is..." There's a cynical mind at work when hip-hop fans compare opening week sales numbers as if it says something real about buzz or marketability. Hip-hop heads think they're in the boardroom. As a result, they'll forgive a lot: corporate deals, unnecessary beefs, calculated collabs. But if you're trying to sabotage your career, there's a quick way to do it: completely reinvent yourself. OK, so it could work in the past, to some degree; few knew that "Hard Knock Life" Jay Z was once "Hawaiian Sophie" Jay Z, because one wasn't so successful, and there was no YouTube. But nowadays, if you're interested in turning your career into a trainwreck, make it look like you treat hip-hop as an angle rather than an art.