This isn't a joke, nor is it the way we normally embark on DAD in the A.M., but fuck it, this is how we're doing it. ARMAND HAMMER, aka MCs Elucid and billy woods, put out a refreshing project in 2013, RACE MUSIC. If you're actually looking for subversive, thought-provoking hip-hop, that's the project you need to check out. "Willie Bosket" is from that album, and is produced by Marmaduke, who's done a LOT of work with billy woods throughout his career. The beat here is sinister and hypnotic, and would blend well as a solid diversion from the instrumental trap and bounce cuts you're putting out there, only the lyrics (and imagery) dwell in paranoia and struggle. Again, everything isn't always happy and bright colors; we all go through dark days, and cuts like this soundtrack those vibes perfectly.

This spring, ARMAND HAMMER are dropping their furtive moments EP, which will feature production from Elucid, Von Pea, Blockhead, and Messiah Music. furtive moments will be released digitally, as well as on custom, limited-edition vinyl.