Regardless of whether you think DAD is "running the Internet" or not, I don't normally subscribe to that talk. We just do us, and if it happens to work, I love it. What I do know is I spend a lot of time in Google searches. Why? I get curious about shit, especially Internets shit. For example, last night I just had to know why I kept hearing Jersey club remixes featuring some female saying what sounds like "bitch what?!" I'd seen the following video in a Vine compilation, but didn't really do my 1-2 on it's origin:

Makes sense, and is the kind of video that could go viral if the right people see it and remake it... which they did. In my searches, though, I also found that the girl in the video, Chicago's Toni Romiti, is selling gear with "bish whet" on it. And it's not on Cafepress or some other bootleg-feeling site - this is her own URL. Which perplexed me, because WHY WOULD A RANDOM GIRL ON VINE HAVE HER OWN WEBSITE TO SELL GEAR FROM A RANDOM VINE VIDEO!? So the hunt was on: who was Toni Romiti, and how does this happen? That's when I find this video:

Now hate or love the track, it's currently sitting at almost two million views since it was posted last July, and the song "Nothin On Me" is available to buy on iTunes. Not on a major label or anything, but it's a pretty interesting feat for someone that we imagine most people don't know about. Toni's clearly making an impact, and utilizing social media to get her swerve on. She might not be a celebrity, but you could classify her status as "Internets famous," right? She's currently 18-years-old, and Internets sleuthing shows us that she's currently playing basketball at USC Upstate... she has a lot going on. Hell, last year she was even featured in the video for Speaker Knockerz' "Dance" (even finding that out this week is very odd, considering that he was recently found dead). But here's the kicker:

SHE'S BEEN POSTED ABOUT ON DAD BEFORE! Yes, back in December, I featured a remix DJ Sliink did of DJ Bake's remix of Toni Romiti's "Miss Me." Why? Well, Sliink's a genius, and has a Midas touch. I didn't know Toni from a can of paint back then (and still don't now), but it's just interesting how a name can be thrown at you and you fuck with something of theres, but dots don't get properly connected until months later, on some other shit.

Wait, so why did I go down this rabbit hole? Oh yes, Jersey club remixes! That "bish whet?!" appears to be a movement, and over the last few months, DJs have not only been remixing this tune, but other Toni Romiti tracks. And I can't close the book on my current obsession with Toni Romiti's rise to Internets fame without doing this... so here's a collection of remixes of everything Toni Romiti, from her "bish whet" Vine to other material of hers.