While the EDM scene is flocking deeper and deeper to the Miami Music Week festivities this March, one of the drum & bass scene's mainstays has been the mighty RAM Records, which has always had some kind of massive party going down. This year, Ram is touching down at the SMOG vs. Firepower event, completely taking over Room Two with features like a two-hour Andy C set, as well as appearances from Ed Rush & Optical, Wilkinson, Loadstar, Rene LaVice, Adam F, and A-Sides. One thing Andy's imprint does is churn out special compilations to highlight that year's trek to Miami, and the RAMiami Drum & Bass 2014 compilation is loaded with bangers.

While most of this seventeen-track is material you should've already heard from Sub Focus, Roni Size, Delta Heavy, Noisia, and Moving Fusion (among others), there are a trio of exclusives on this project, including the heavyweight sounds of "Joe Mangle" from Mob Tactics. Those in the know might remember 2010's massive "Stick Up Kid," or a number of tunes they've been putting out over the last few years, but "Joe Mangle" is their biggest look yet... and being a part of a compilation like this should mean the beginning of a glorious 2014 for these two. "Joe Mangle" just hits all of the right notes, and goes HARD. Perfect addition.

RAMiami Drum & Bass 2014 is out on March 21, and is a great look for those of you who might just be getting into drum & bass and wanted some history on one of the scene's biggest imprints. If you are itching to hear what the compilation sounds like, give "Joe Mangle" a whirl, then stream Rene LaVice's mini mix.