I can't speak for the entire Do Androids Dance staff, but I will keep it 100: I can be a jaded, ornery old man at times. I've seen the electronic music scene in the United States rise, fall, rise, then sit in this weird state where it's more mainstream than before, with a shitload of people not really knowing much about it. It's not any easy thing to stomach at times, but the fan still gets very excited and, dare I say, happy about the state of electronic music at times. With the Internet being so vast, I can never understand people who will trash the entirety of any scene, as there's something out there for everyone. And while DAD can be seen as that site that speaks our minds, and isn't afraid of highlighting shit we don't like, we're not just thumbing our noses up and being the jaded, ornery old folk (even if it sounds like that sometimes). So today, on the International Day of Happiness (which is a real thing, just ask The UN Foundation and Pharrell), I wanted to highlight things about the dance music scene that still make me happy.

I added a bunch of dancing cat GIFs because why not?