I've profiled my dude DJ Morse Code on here before.  His appropriately-titled holiday themed "Hebrews Goin' Dumb" late last year was a ridiculous amount of fun and a bit of a hit among the DAD squad.  He and I have actually known each for a long time and we have managed to reconnect a bit since he's started working on making more music and I came over to DAD.  And he sent me some early versions of this trill little slice of funk that has now circled around to something I as a DJ would play in almost every set.  West Coast hip-hop vibes with some classic funk, some 100 BPM elements on the drops and a catchy vocal chop that ties it all together... especially when the chops are over the guitar loops.  As ill as Morse Code is a DJ, I'm not even remotely shocked to hear him drop another quality track all while he's still really figuring out this production thing.  He's definitely off to a great start anyways.