The rollout for Angel Haze's debut album Dirty Gold didn't exactly go as smoothly as planned a few months back, but the Brooklyn rapper has turned a new leaf for the betterment of her career. Haze's new music video for "A Tribe Called Red" is a perfect reflection of this adjustment, where the sole focus is her lyrical skills and nothing else. Directed by Rollo Jackson, all the viewer sees is a blank backdrop, a few light fixtures, and a lively Haze ripping through the record with conviction. "Look where I am and then look where I've been/Tell me that I ain't destined to win/Never give power to none of you cowards/To tell me what you think my destiny is," she raps. Angel Haze is in to win it, critics be damned, and moments like this only prove that theory true.

[via i-D]

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