Kanye's near-fatal automobile accident really put his album in motion but it also lead to the partnership between Coodie Simmons and Chike Oza, who later formed the production team Creative Control. Kanye had hired Coodie to be his full-time videographer. After Kanye had his accident and recorded "Through The Wire," they came up with the concept of using the documentary footage Coodie had shot for the video for the song.

However, Coodie didn't know how to create the graphics to bring the idea to life so he called upon Chike, a guy he'd met before who worked at MTV. Since the video was funded by Kanye himself, they found a cheap way to edit the video: Do it at Chike's office. "History was made at MTV, right beneath their noses, and they didn’t even realize it," said Chike. "I was still working there when that video was No. 1 on MTV. I told my boss at the time, like, ‘Y’all don’t realize really what y’all have sitting in here right now.’"