What chu know about Philly club music? Not much? Well, please allow me to reintroduce an old friend of mine. The homey Swizzymack has been tearing shit up since '95 as his SoundCloud claims. A child prodigy spinning club music in his diapers. At 15-years-old, yung Swizz ran into Diplo inside Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia, and the rest is history. Definitely still in the making, and we have had our eyes on him from the gate.

We rang in the New Year with the kid when he opened for Baauer with a monster set. The crowd was on fire as the letters in his big gold name on the stage of Philly's TLA. His music is like Baltimore club on crack, revved up to 160BPM and just stuffed with rap tracks and sirens and drum rolls that blow your mind.

This is the moment we've all been waiting for. The first part of, "HOOD," was released almost a year ago now, and it goes hard in the MF paint. This second part just released is way tough, tho. Like three minutes of nonstop action that you will play probably three times over and still not want it to stop. Bass licks and big drops and all the best trappers bouncing quickly to beats per minute that make it all practically incomprehensible.