What is the only thing that could possibly cut into the media tornado swirling around Justin Bieber's arrest early this morning? A song called "Justin Bieber's Black Baby," of course.

The timing of this new song from Los Angeles' Murs and Curtiss King is a total coincidence. Appearing on their new mixtape that dropped today called Shut Your Trap, "Justin Bieber's Black Baby" was recorded "way before the egg throwing, mansion trappin, reckless driving charges." 

The song is not about Bieber fathering a child with a black woman, but instead is about a black baby inside Justin's head that has been offering him advice on how to live his life. Murs raps from the perspective of the inner voice itself.

"Smoking loud with hella random black dudes/Shirt off showing off my fucking tattoos." This can't be made up. The full mixtape is available below.

[via 2DopeBoyz]

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