We have no clue what kind of turn up juice Mr. Carmack is drinking, or when this constant level of inspiration will burn him out. He's released two incredible tunes in the past 24 hours, a full album less than two weeks after he lost his computer, and more than 70 records in 2013.  His workflow is unreal, and blogs are scrambling to keep up. His new tune, "Insomnity (Again)," intertwines simplistic synths, anthemic vocals, and that funky thumping bass that we know him for.  Like most of his work, it isn't downloadable or available for purchase anywhere.  It does come with a poem, though:

ive made no plans in months
opening my laptop up
is laborious sometimes
especially when i realize its been about the 15,603rd time
but if i really fucking focus
the music will come to life
in my head
real life is discouraging sometimes
so i chase my insomnia

whens the last time you wrote a poem niggs"