So I actually made a new year's resolution to openly talk more about popular music in 2014.  I follow it some, mainly for DJ reasons of staying on top of ish, but I really disconnected myself for a bit through the second half of last year for no good reason.  Honestly, I believe I have a pretty good ear for it and have been waiting for a record to drop to start my quest.  Just so happens it's a flip of the latest Miley Cyrus single from Louis La Roche that fires up the inspiration.  Basically, this is a super groovy and fairly nu disco take on what's actually a pretty stellar original (yeah...I said it, I like this tune from Miley).  The space all the sounds are given along with those incredibly hypnotic vocal loops are just the tits.  It makes me think (and somewhat hope) that she can detach from all this ratchetness and bad twerking, and focus on making timeless music.  She's got serious vocal talent.  Anyone with half an ear can pick up on that.  But stuff like this brilliant reconstruction from Louis La Roche at least let me fantasize about what she'd be doing if I had some say on her A&R team.  More of this FOR SURE.