Sometimes, we all need a history lesson. Like it or not, one of the most important cities for the global dance music scene is New York City, and the 1990s were a vibrant, interesting time for the DJ scene. The sense of boundaries colliding, breaking down, and melting together, a lot of these bridges ran through New York, morphing sounds and scenes into totally new organisms. One of New York's more slept-on DJ/producer/figures is Carlos "Soul" Slinger, who spearheaded Liquid Sky, the first American jungle record label. He wore his influences, culture, and interests directly on his sleeve, and his beats featured everything from hip-hop and UFO interests to his Brazilian background and, well, rave music. His sister, Ruth Slinger, put together this awesome look at the era that birthed Soul, Liquid Sky, and a huge movement in New York, Last Call, which is made up of loads of clips from that era, featuring interviews and performance footage of Moby, Frankie Knuckles, DJ Spooky, Shy FX, Robyn S, and other figures (and venues) that helped shape the future of dance music in NY (and the world).