This project is the right kind of different. It's a funky flip on dance music that is headed by hip-hop and funk producer Gramatik, as well as Brooklyn-based musicians Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero, Mike Ianetta, and Illumntr.  The collaborative efforts of these amazing artists are being packaged and pushed as a group called "Exmag", and the results are amazing.  The stream of this release went up a couple of weeks ago, and it's up for download today.

While the project as a whole is absolutely amazing, records like "Give It To Me Right," "Tilt Mode," and "Juke" have the ability to pop off on a global level and change the way that people perceive and produce music for broad audiences.  Exmag effectively put all of the feels back in the music that we love simply by flexing the musicality that the rest of the industry seemed to have forgotten.

Producers like Kaytranada‎ and Mr. Carmack are keeping the hip-hop vibe alive in dance music, and it's no surprise why every outlet in the world is quick to jump on these records. There's room for a bit of funk and soul in our world, and though Exmag certainly isn't aiming to shake peak hour dance floors, we fully support these vibes. Enjoy this one, and share it around.