Tyler, The Creator was the guest on The Arsenio Hall Show last night. And while he did not perform a song, unlike other guests in the past such as Kendrick Lamar, he did speak at length about a variety of topics. Early on in the interview, Arsenio commended Tyler for not using drugs or alcohol, which the Odd Future leader shrugs off, saying "some things aren't for everyone."

From there, the conversation jumps to Twitter and independent thinking, which naturally leads into a conversation about the YouTube Music Awards, which Tyler has remained very outspoken about despite performing on the show. This time around though, Tyler did reiterate that he remains friends with Justin Bieber, and did not mean to offend some of the pop stars who were nominated instead of some of the more creative videos and artists YouTube could have promoted who are not stars yet.

The rest of the interview finds Arsenio asking Tyler about his video for "Glowing," using the "n-word" and the "f-word" (and how it relates to his good friend Frank Ocean), and what he thinks about Barack Obama ("I don't get into it because I'd rather do fun stuff, but I realized that he's an n-word that figured it out.")

For half the interview, Tyler is lying down on the couch, as if he was just having a late night conversation with some friends at home. And that makes the interview even better than most late night show interviews. Tyler has always shown that he is incredibly outspoken, but with an interview like this, he is able to demonstrate his superior intellect.

This weekend, Tyler is hosting a carnival at the Los Angeles Coliseum called Camp Flog Gnaw.

[via COS]

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