Date: June 2013

Ice-T: "I love the word 'rhyme.' Don't you love the word 'rhyme?' I love the word 'rhyme' so much I even love words that rhyme with the word 'rhyme.' Like 'time,' 'chime,' 'mime,' and 'sublime.' I love the word 'rhyme.' Rhyme..."

Director: "Cut! That's a keeper. Thanks everybo—"

Ice-T: "You know what's another word I love? I love the word 'bitch.' Don't you love—"

Director: "No, Ice. No, no. We got it, man, we're good..."

Ice-T: "Man, shut the fuck up!"

Director: [Blinks.]

Ice-T: "Yeah. I like the word 'fuck,' too. But, yeah, back to rhymes. I like rhymes that tell the truth, y'know what I'm sayin'? About life on the street. Rhymes like 'My life is violence/Violence is my life/Peace is a dream/Reality's a knife...' That one's from a song I wrote called 'Colors.' It's about gangs. What's your favorite color? If you go to L.A., you better be careful which color you wear depending on what neighborhood you're in. I also like acronyms, and initialism. Do you like shit like that, too? Like, rather than take the time to say a whole long sentence like, 'Hey, girls, let's get buck naked and fuck tonight,' I'll shorten that last part down and make an acronym for it using the just the first letter of every word. So it'll come out 'L.G.B.N.A.F.' So then I'll be like, 'Girls, L.G.B.N.A.F.' Word." —Dave Bry