Earlier tonight, Childish Gambino shared some new music in the crytpic fashion that's quickly becoming his calling card. Tweeting at Jhene Aiko, with whom he recently collaborating on the single "Bed Peace," he offered nothing more than a title and a link to the MP3: 

It's a pretty, airy instrumental, with someone (presumably Gambino), singing the phrase "someone gave you all my love" over and over in an almost James Blake-style lament. It cuts away to a beat and wordless crooning before later transitioning into swells of strings, all of which could be spaces left for verses. According to FakeShoreDrive, the song was produced by Chicago's Stefan Ponce, suggesting that Gambino's contribution might have just been the vocals. 

Is it an instrumental for Jhene Aiko to record over? Did he lose her email address? Was this the easiest way to communicate from London? Was he accidentally logged into his real Twitter instead of his secret Twitter?

Or is it a heartfelt declaration? Earlier this week on the Juan Epstein podcast, Gambino explained that the two aren't romantically involved but are good friends, echoing Aiko's own assessment of the relationship. Is this a friendly gift? Or a change of tone? Another one of Gambino's riddles? Something more? Or nothing at all?

Check out "Melrose" below or download it here. Gambino's new album, Because The Internet, is out December 10.

[via OnSmash]

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