Felix & Jarvis had posed the eternal question "Are you ready to throw down?" But while audiences enthusiastically answered "Yes we are!" it would prove to be several years before Detroit's rap scene was heard from again. When the music resurfaced in the late '80s, the call to party-hearty had been replaced by post-Public Enemy black consciousness and post-N.W.A street-corner reportage.

The image of the MCs themselves had hardened as well, influenced in no small way by the headline-grabbing exploits of local gangsters like the Young Boys Incorporated drug cartel (who devised many of the organizational innovations later employed nationwide in the '80s crack trade) and the aggressive persona of the "Bad Boys"-era Detroit Pistons.

Prince Vince and the Hip Hop Force "Gangster Funk" (1988)
Awesome Dre & The Hardcore Committee "Frankly Speaking" (1989)
Awesome Dre & The Hardcore Committee "You Can't Hold Me Back" (1989)
Kaos & Mystro, "Mass Confusion" (1989)
Kaos & Mystro "Mystro On the Flex" (1989)
Merciless Amir (as Ameer Stein) "A Day Without A Rhyme" (1989)
Detroit's Most Wanted "City of Boom" (1990)