Diddy is known for his prolific usage of social media, especially Instagram (today, he has already posted six pictures on his account). He is also well-known for flexing on people with his wealth and talking smack.

So what happens when Diddy decides to combine both of his skillsets together in one video? Pure gold. Literally.

In the video above, Diddy is combing his hair in the bathroom. He isn't wearing a shirt, but he does have on at least four gold chains around his neck. In the background, Drake's "Worst Behavior" is playing, and Diddy sings along with the song's chorus: "Mothafuckas never loved us." The video ends with Diddy panning the camera over on Cassie, who holds her palm to her mouth as if gasping at the extravagance.

Diddy has every reason to be on his worst behavior; his television network venture, Revolt TV, is launching today at 5PM on Time Warner Cable and Comcast.

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