Sometimes, you just want to be in your lover's arms. You want to feel their warmth, their affection. You want to make sweet love for hours, spoon for hours after that, and then just go to sleep wrapped in each other's glow. And when you wake up, that's right, it's time for another round.

Before you can do all that, there's a few things you need to get in order. You need to make sure you have a nice, warm, cozy bed to lay in. You need to make sure you have fresh breath because ew, don't let that ruin the moment. And unless you're really trying to make some babies, you better have some condoms. 

You know what else you need? Some music to set the mood. As much as you love rap and ride for indie rock, truth is R&B and soul do a much better job providing a soundtrack for the bedroom. There's just something about those wonderful slow jams that just make us feel know. 

But with all the stress of making sure your lover is in the right mood, who has the time to make a playlist? Don't worry, Complex has you covered. Check out these Songs To Make Love To

Listen to Complex's Song To Make Love To playlists here: YouTube/Spotify/Rdio

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