Age: 31
Solo albums: From Me to U (2003), What The Game's Been Missing (2005).

It's a little hard to believe now that when Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana first announced their ill-fated collaborative project, I Can't Feel My Face, in 2006, it wasn't a considered an incredibly lopsided duo. Sure, Wayne was still ascending to his Carter III superstardom, but Juelz was having a damn good run. He was featured on mentor Cam'ron's two biggest hits while still a teenager, played a big part in Dipset's rapidly rising movement, and saw his career grow steadily between his first two albums. And then, things just seemed to stall out, with some alleging that a sizzurp addiction had slowed down his progress. In 2011, he made headlines by hooking back up with Weezy to make another go at making I Can't Feel My Face, but even that comeback seems to have gone up in smoke since then.