Label: Young Money/Cash Money/Republic

On his 10th studio album I Am Not A Human Being II, Lil Wayne makes no apologies for his formula. Basically, he's giving his core fans 17-tracks of everything they (okay, we) want from a Wayne album: rhymes upon rhymes about pussy, money, and weed, and fun-filled guest verses from the biggest stars in the biz: in this case, 2 Chainz, Soulja Boy, Future, Nicki Minaj and Drake. This sequel to Wayne's 2010 offering kicks off with an ominous, orchestral title-track, and weaves through auto-tuned ballads like "Curtains," and surprisingly, a circusy-sounding TNGHT beat on "Lay It Down." The album is intensely vulgar, and the dozens of references to his syrup addiction ring especially disturbing in light of the string of seizures that landed him in the ICU for a week shortly after the album's release.

There's not one horrendously bad track on IANAHBII, but there's nothing phenomenal either, no display of artistic growth. It's what we'd expect, Wayne relying everything that's built his career up to where it is now. And yet, we still smile at lines like, "Grab the owl out the tree/Ask that bitch, 'Who but me?'" Wayne can still be clever as ever. Boosted by hit singles like "Rich As Fuck" and "Love Me," the album amounts to a solid, well-sequenced showcase of everything we like about Wayne—even if it's getting a little redundant at this point. —Lauren Nostro