Label They Almost Signed To: Aftermath
Label They Ended Up Signing To: Death Row Records
Circa: 2000

After a promising start to his career on Virgin Records, Crooked I found himself without a deal. Back in his native Long Beach, Crooked says that he had two options: (1) Daz Dillinger offered him a deal with Death Row, which at this point had long been vacated by legends like Snoop and 2Pac and was being run by an incarcerated Suge Knight. Or (2) An offer from Dr. Dre’s Aftermath, which came with one condition—Crooked would have to wait for Dre to finish his album 2001 before they could work together.

When asked what helped him make the decision, Crooked told Vlad TV, "Man, Suge just offered me a giant check." The Slaughterhouse MC's decision to roll with Death Row leaves us to imagine what his career would have been like had he signed up with Dre. Ehh, he probably would have just sat on the shelf like everyone else.