As EDM seeps into the fabric of mainstream music, you're bound to see a number of collaborations that might have you scratching your heads. It's bound to happen; pop acts will start to lean on dance music at a frequent rate, hoping to get shone in the neon EDM light. We're not mad at that, especially when they go in with the mindset of creating something unique or at least geniunely wanting to work within the dance music scene. There are a number of times where, for whatever reason, we caught wind of dance music producers working with artists from outside of the scene and we ended up scratching our heads at trying to understand WHY this collaboration came together. We've seen some odd tracks coming out of the woodwork so far, and figured now was the time to look back at some of the most confusing collaborations in a hope that history would not repeat itself. Here are 10 collaborations that never should have happened.