Yeezus FINALLY leaked.

Date: June 15

The anticipation had built to a heady froth, as a nation of Yeezus freaks lurked forums hoping for news of a leak. (Or just to observe a level of mania rarely seen since the days of teenage girls pulling out their hair over The Beatles.) Would Def Jam actually be able to keep this thing under wraps? Then finally, four days before its official release, the album appeared, just like every album does these days, and the Internets collectively lost their shit.

Micro reviews started flooding Twitter and for about eight seconds everyone was like, "Got that Yeezus link?" Before spending the rest of the afternoon like, "Stop DMing guys, I already have it." If you went out this weekend, we damn sure hope you slapped any DJ who didn't have any Yeezus in their Serato. 

Meanwhile, just days before the album's official release, Kim Kardashian gave birth to their baby girl a month early. According to reports, the baby was born under five pounds (which is small but common for a baby that's born early), has dark hair, and looks like her mom. No word on what the baby will be named though. We're still holding out on them naming her North West. —Insanul Ahmed 

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