"Don't judge 'em Joe Brown." (“On Sight”)

“We get this bitch shaking like Parkinsons.” (“On Sight”)

“No sports bra, lets keep it bouncing.” (“On Sight”)

“In a French ass restaurant, hurry up with my damn croissants.” (“I Am God”)

“I'm 'bout to wild the fuck out, I'm going Bobby Boucher.” (“New Slaves”)

"Eating Asian pussy all I need is sweet and sour sauce." (“I'm In It”)

"They ballin in the d-league, I'm speaking swag-hili." (“I'm In It”)

“Uh, I'm a rap-lic priest/Uh, getting head by the nuns.” (“I’m In It”)

“She say, ‘Can you get my friends in the club?’/I say, ‘Can you get my Benz in the club?’” (“Send It Up”)

“Start a Fight Club, Brad reputation.” (“Bound 2”)