Folks are stoked! Raconteur, gadabout, visionary, and occasional rapper Kanye West will be releasing his very highly anticipated sixth solo album Yeezus on Tuesday, and somehow, against all odds, it has yet to leak.*

Everyone expected the record to leak by this point. Our theory is that 'Ye has hired armed guards to protect the trucks shipping the CDs across the country. Faces covered like narco-embattled Mexican law enforcement officers, trusted long-time Kanye associates (GLC, Consequence, CyHi the Prynce) have spent years training with Canibus in an underground bunker, learning new techniques in CD protection, multis, and running 20 miles in soft sand.

Online, fans were desperate for the record to leak, so they could unleash snap judgements on the Twittersphere and shore up their credibility as "taste-makers," ensuring that the Internet economy continues to hum along in a healthy way.

Which "taste-makers" are most thirsty for new Kanye Kontent? (Other than those of us in the media industry, of course.) We've picked out a few of the funnier tweets we observed calling for an early, pirated Yeezus release.

*Subject to change.

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