There’s a certain feeling that only your first listen to highly anticipated album can give you. It’s like unwrapping the ultimate Christmas present—except you do it for an hour, and then it turns out that the present is actually a jigsaw puzzle that you can’t wait to put together. We got that feeling in spades today with Yeezus, it's almost a little overwhelming.

Everyone has been talking about Kanye's shift towards minimalism. When chatting with the New York Times's Jon Caramanica recently, Kanye himself boasted about bringing in Rick Rubin for his famous minimalist ear. He wanted help in paring down from the original arrangements. Listening to the final product, we're surprised by its fullness. Every song sounds loud, like “Play this at a screeching volume so you’re parents think they need to put you back on Ritalin” loud. Tracks like “Blood On The Leaves” have so much going on—two concurrent but totally different samples run while Yeezy oozes on auto-tune that it’s hard to digest in one take. If this is the final product, we can’t even imagine what Rick Rubin reduced from. —Insanul Ahmed