Rick Rubin is a very busy man. Fresh off of two gruelling weeks of laying barefoot on Kanye's couch, stroking his beard and nodding his approval during the Yeezus sessions, The Def Jam cofounder was hired by Jay to lay barefoot on another couch, stroke his beard and nod his head in approval during the Magna Carta sessions. (To be fair, according to Rubin's interview with the Wall Street Journal, he was brought in super-last-minute to work on Yeezus, so it's possible that he'd already been working with Jay.) There's no questioning Rubin's track record. He's made classic material with everyone from Run-D.M.C. and the Beastie Boys to Johnny Cash and the Dixie Chicks—he'll go down in history with the likes of Quincy Jones. But we can't help but wonder what it is exactly that he does in the studio. In the few clips we've seen, it looks like he's getting paid to sit in, but not sit up. Ehh, whatever. Rubin is the definition of a living legend and we'd be happy to have him laying around barefoot and stroking his beard during our studio session.