After gracing the stage during his remarkable birthday performance at Jambalaya, presented by Complex TV and produced by ScoreMore, rapper G-Eazy sat down to discuss his upcoming plans, and what kind of impact he wants to make with his music when he hangs up the microphone.

At 24-years-old, the New Orleans rapper by way of the Bay Area has been on a relentless pursuit for musical success, and his aptitude for performing to go along with an expanding catalog of music proves that. However, while he’s made a gradually climb to notoriety over the last few years, G-Eazy hasn't settled yet. “I’m not just satisfied to be right here where I am at this level. I want to push things forward and really take that next step.”

Recounting the impressionable feeling he got as an adolescent while listening to his musical idols, G-Eazy hopes to be that one day for his fans. “It’s crazy to think that for some people my music maybe means that now,” he said. “Even 20 years from now, they can go back and listen to a G-Eazy record.”

Currently at work on his new album, check out G-Eazy’s latest record, “I Don’t Believe You,” and be sure to catch him on the road this summer with Lil Wayne, T.I., French Montana and 2 Chainz for the “America’s Most Wanted” tour.

Also check out G-Eazy on Complex TV's Complex Music below.




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