Album: Hood Hop
Producer: Trackboyz
Label: So So Def/Arista

For about half a decade, St. Louis was the unlikely party rap capital of the world, and they owe it all to the double R—not Ruff Ryders, mind you, but the spelling quirk associate with those slurring Missouri accents. First was Nelly's "Hot In Herre," then Chingy's 'Right Thurr," and then "errybody," as in "errybody in this bitch gettin' tipsy." It's a testament to how catchy that simple mantra was that J-Kwon reached No. 2 on the Hot 100 with an ode to public drunkenness at the age of 16. All he had to do to keep controversy at bay was insincerely proclaim "Teen drinking is very bad" at the top of the song – which he immediately negated with a flippant "Yo, I got a fake I.D. though!"