Album: Ghetto Fabolous
Producer: Rick Rock
Label: Elektra

Throughout his career, Fabolous has represented Brooklyn to the fullest, following in Jay and Biggie's footsteps. So it's easy to forget that his first solo hit was straight West coastin', with Nate Dogg interpolating a 2Pac hook over a beat by future Hyphy architect Rick Rock. In fact, it was a pretty gangsta track to introduce a platinum rapper to the world with, but that kind of friendly, clean cut gangsta rap that Fab soon proved himself so adept at. The late great Nate rarely sounded better than when he was putting that little melodic twist on "Ambitionz Az A Ridah." He also rarely sounded more ridiculous than he did on the bridge's couplet: "I'mma knock him so hard, on his butt/Just like he been drinkin', like he drunk."