Celebrating one year in the game is Datsik's Firepower Records, who recently released Shell Shock, Vol. 1, a compilation that not only proves that dubstep/bass music isn't dead, but that there's more life than ever within the genre. We're not sure if Datsik knew how much of an impact his imprint would have, but he sure knows how to celebrate the occasion. 

Shell Shock, Vol. 1 makes sure that the entire family is involved; each one of these tracks is from a Firepower artist, from the intense build of DKS' "Can't Get Enough" to the crowd-pleasing trap sounds of Antiserum & Mayhem's "Trippy." Dubhop aficionadio Protohype links up with ETC!ETC! for the moombahton/trap hybrid "Bad Boy Flow," while Getter shakes things up a notch with the harder edged "I Want More." As you can already see, this project doesn't just stick to one sound or style, but rattles your cages, proving the fact that we're truly one nation under a bass-fueled groove.

Cheers to Datsik and the crew; DAD wishes you a happy anniversary, and with the rate you're working at, we know we'll be celebrating many more.