Producer: Myke Diesel
Album: Da Drought 3
Label: Young Money

Wayne always had an unparalleled skill for claiming instrumentals as his own. On mixtapes he wasn't just rapping to beats or rewording hooks-he was building full songs. There might be no better example of this than "Sky Is The Limit," which swipes its beat from Mike Jones' slightly creepy would-be comeback single "Mr. Jones."

If you don't remember that song, you're not alone; nobody does. Mr. Jones himself probably can't even hum the hook today. But Wayne saw the potential in Myke Disel's track and restructured it into this bizarre and prideful anthem. He flies in the sky with fishes and swims in the ocean with pigeons. It's aspirational eccentricity. Also, when he was 5, his favorite movie was the Gremlins. That ain't got shit to do with this, but it was an interesting side note worth mentioning.