You won’t find many unknown rappers performing at your favorite festival this summer. Hip-hop is still underrepresented on the touring circuit (step it up, bookers), and thanks to the Internet, any rapper big enough to land a festival gig has already been thoroughly parsed over. So again, like with Chance (and most likely Tree), you’re probably already up on Ratking, the young, backpack-rap throwbacks who picked up serious buzz with the last year’s Wiki93 EP and the fresh video for “Wiki.” But you probably haven’t seen them onstage, which is where blog rappers build real movements. As such, the crew is finally hitting the road in earnest for this year’s traveling Rock the Bells. It will be great to see how Ratking’s raucous, off-kilter raps translate live, and with their debut full-length set to drop on indie giant XL Recordings, momentum is definitely on their side.