Listen: Gucci Mane f/ Chief Keef "Darker"

Listen: Gucci Mane f/ Chief Keef "Darker"

It was just yesterday that we discovered the newest member of Gucci Mane's 1017 Brick Squad just happens to be everyone's favorite Chicago teen: Chief Keef. With almost no down time, the two come together here on "Darker." This is a little strange, because at 10:17 p.m. we expected this song to come out...

 ...and instead a Waka tape came out at just about that time. But then, sure enough, the track arrived half an hour later! Listen below.

The song itself is similar structurally and thematically to Gucci's 2009 smash, "Lemonade," the template for which is naming a number of things in his life that are the color that he's talking about. Gucci and Keef channel their inner Rolling Stones ("Paint It Black"), and as a result it seems that the "yellow" days are over this summer in favor of all dark everything. Trap House 3 coming soon, stay tuned.

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