You ever have one of those inspirational tunes on repeat all day? I sincerely haven't listened to anything else all afternoon. It's really been lovely to block everything in life out and focus on some heady bass music. The funny thing is that this is a b-side… it's one of the chillest records I've heard in eons, and isn't even the lead single off of the EP. Kuantum is a relatively unknown producer from France, and he linked with Mateba to break my Internet.  The official writeup for this says the record is "Miles away from Skrillex and his brostep machine," and they hit the nail on the head.

I also suggest you take a moment and check my track record. Downloadable free releases is my standard. This is neither. And it's a clip. The full version has an atmospheric build to the second drop, and a vocal sample of a single word is the only thing before you're re-introduced to the heady vibes.  It's absolutely beautiful.  Kuantum's Wasteland EP being released on Monday through IM:Ltd on vinyl, which you can pre-order right now.