We recently did an interview with Memphis rapper Yoyo Munie where he claimed that he had written Juicy J's smash hit "Bandz A Make Her Dance" along with many other recent Juicy J songs.

Today, while Juicy was on MTV's RapFix, Sway tried to ask Juicy about Yoyo's comments. Before Sway could even finish his sentence, Juicy denied Munie's claims saying, "That's a lie." 

Juicy went on to say, "People are thirsty out here, they'll do anything." And then said Munie has written nothing for him, pointing out that it's only his name in the credits.

Catch the clip above. 

Regardless of Juicy's claims, are we the only one that finds it weird that the 38-year-old Juicy J raps about hanging out with college kids on songs like "So Damn Fucked Up?" Just saying is all. 

[via MTV]

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