It's so hard to get work done when someone is rapping in your ear (and if you're listening to Meek Mill, it sounds like someone is rapping at your temporal lobe). That's why beat tapes are where it's at. They sometimes feature some vocals, but nothing too distracting. And when one of our favorite producers do it, it's like amped up elevator music for the hip-hop generation.

We stay on that beat tape flow bumping projects like araabmuzik's Electronic Dream, Alexander Spit's Mansions, and Clams Casino's Instrumentals, among others. Although all of those guys are dope, none of them are as well known as Mike Will.

The producer extraordinaire has made Billboard smashes for Juicy J ("Bandz A Make Her Dance"), contributed production to G.O.O.D. Music's "Mercy," and is working with Miley Cyrus. Mike released mixtapes in the past (with his three part series, Est. In 1989) but this year he'll be dropping, #FuckVerses, his first instrumental mixtape this summer via his EarDrummers Entertainment label. 

Mike described the music saying it was "my version of jazz" and called it a new genre of music he dubbed, "Eardruma." 

Eardruma? Now that's a genre we can get behind.

[via Pitchfork]

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