Earlier this year, hip-hop mourned the loss of Timothy "Tim Dog" Blair who allegedly died after suffering a seizure stemming from his long time battle with diabetes.

But now, a woman named Esther Pilgrim is alleging that the "Fuck Compton" rapper faked his own death in order to get out of paying the $32,000 dollars he scammed her out of. Pilgrim also alleged that he owes about $2 million to people he scammed all over the world.

"I think there is a great chance that he`s alive,” said Pilgrim, in an interview with News Channel 13 WREG.

According to WREG, they had a private investigator look into the matter and they couldn't find a death certificate for Tim Dog. However, they did find an address for him in Atlanta that was active as recently as April. 

Tim Dog was first exposed as a con artist on Dateline in a segment which Esther Pilgrim appeared in. (You can catch the segment below.)

Ironically, when Kool Keith found out about Tim Dog's passing he responded saying, “I really thought it was a publicity stunt. It still hasn’t [sunk] in my system." 

This entire story is nuts. 

[via TheSmokingSection]