After a very grueling and hectic week, Lil Wayne seems to be quite healthy, eager to display his expertise on sports. In an interview with MTV News, Weezy lamented the unfortunate demise of his favorite basketball team, the Lakers, who got swept in the first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs. Now that his team is out of the way, who does the New Orleans superstar think is going to win the Finals? In a surprising choice, Wayne tabbed the Miami Heat as the eventual champions, calling them a machine that has not been defeated yet.

Later on in the interview, Weezy was asked about Jason Collins' landmark announcement. Saying that he personally does "not think" about the announcement at all, Wayne said that it will ultimately "open a lot of doors" in the sports world and that furthermore, the support and encouragement of so many people in the aftermath suggests that the world is fair out there in 2013. "Be you," Weezy concluded.

If his t-shirt is any indication, Wayne definitely seems to be living by this motto himself.

[via MTV News]

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