There is no doubting the legendary status of LL Cool J. He calls himself the GOAT, the ladies love him, and he sleeps on stacks of platinum albums and Grammy awards (it sounds uncomfortable, but you'd switch places with him, no?). However, it's impossible for even the biggest and deffest personality to keep his finger on the pulse of popular culture for nearly three decades. There are bound to be some missteps, even if you are walking with panthers. 

In the wake of “Accidental Racist” and his new album, Authentic, we look at a few bunch of LL's missteps, and why none of us should be surprised that they happened. His batting average isn't low—considering his lasting influence and prolific output—but when you’ve been at bat since the ‘80s, there are bound to be at least a few strikeouts. We still love you though LL! So please don’t knock us out, regardless of who tells you to.

Written by Alexander Gleckman (@andfeedingyou)

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