Date: 12/25/1981

For all of hip-hop's iconic on-wax battles, it's amazing that there's really only one time two legends clashed onstage. In 1981, at Manhattan's Harlem World night club, Kool Moe Dee performed one of the most ruthless career dissections of all time. Taking the stage right after Busy Bee Starski, Kool Moe Dee, pissed at Bee's claims that he'll "take out any MC," proceeded to attack his predecessor point by point, dissing his name, his live show, and his trademark "bawitdabaw" chant. All Busy Bee could do was yell "shut up" on the mic helplessly. The shots stung, but Moe Dee closed the case when he broke into his revolutionary "fast rapping" style toward the end of his routine, which immediately made Busy Bee's simpler old-school styles look obsolete and outdated.