Fail Occurred: 5/12/2008

Suge Knight has always been considered a man to fear. The former bodyguard, UNLV linebacker, and Piru banger would get what he wanted by any means necessary (ask Vanilla Ice...or Pac?) That all changed when, while at the club Shag in Hollywood, Greg "The Barber" laid Suge out. The pictures, leaked to TMZ, showed a bloodied and unconscious Suge, looking strikingly similar to a beached whale as he took up a good deal of sidewalk space. When it was revealed that Greg "The Barber" is of average height and weight, it gave hope to everyone who steers clear of the gym, should Suge Knight ever approach. We're not one to wish violence on a man, but seeing the tables turned on Sugar Bear was the most satisfying sight since Deebo got knocked the fuck out.