Best Songs: "The Shocker," "Free Loaders," "No Limit Party," "If My 9 Could Talk"

Much like Devin The Dude was simply Devin prior to the release of The Dude, Silkk The Shocker was just known as Silkk in 1996 (the Shocker was later added after a dispute with R&B quartet Silk). Silkk had been introduced to the world via his older brother Master P, who always kept Silkk in the pocket for features on many of P’s singles. P saw the appeal of his baby-faced baby brother and instantly began pushing him as the heartthrob of the No Limit army. But the heartthrob title and mainstream crossover wouldn’t come until a few years later, as Silkk’s first release was 100% hardcore gangsta rap.

The No Limit roster was relatively light at the time, and The Shocker only featured first generation soldiers like Mia X, Big Ed, Mr. Serv-On and Skull Duggery. No Limit dropped Silkk’s debut on the heels of Master P’s insanely popular Ice Cream Man album, just as No Limit began taking over the South and Midwest. The album was a mild success, but it definitely prepared the world for Silkk’s chart dominance and commercial success that would ensue just a few years later. The album had a definite Cali influence, but is one of the most cohesive of the NL catalog, and arguably Silkk’s best work.