Best Songs: "How Ya Do Dat," "What Cha Think," "Situation On Dirty," "Come On," "Meal Ticket," "If I Could Change"

I’m Bout It was Percy Miller’s first foray into the motion picture business. The crudely-filmed straight-to-VHS movie was based off P’s hit “Bout It, Bout It,” a track that was a cult favorite across the country, even in far-reaching places like NYC’s infamous Tunnel nightclub. The phrase was made popular in New Orleans, but quickly spread around the country, thanks in part to the two versions of the track P released.

Master P dropping a self-funded semi-autobiographical film in the summer 1997, which was groundbreaking at the time. It further fueled the legend of P being the ultimate rap entrepreneur with a Midas touch. Never missing an opportunity to turn a profit, P released an accompanying soundtrack, which featured some of the most known-unknown regional rappers at the time. Names like Brotha Lynch Hung, E-40, B-Legit, UGK, Eightball & MJG were paired with NL Soldiers like Silkk, C-Murder and Kane and Abel.

The soundtrack was P’s first album to reach number one on Billboard, and spawned three semi-hits that landed on Billboard’s Hot 100 (“If I Could Change,” “How Ya Do Dat” and “Pushin’ Inside of You”). Both the soundtrack and movie went platinum, and inspired a legion of other rappers to jump in the home video biz. The film did so well that major motion picture companies came calling with their checkbooks in tow, thirsty to bring Ps’ visions to the silver screen. P saw the movie business for the ultimate lick that it was, and made a mint in the process.