"Ay Caramba, Starang, Gunn Clappa Numba/
One on the set man I cut you like lumber/
Still play the back in my thunder gear, down to my underwear/
Make all you motherfuckers wonder where/
I come from, cause motherfuck Dapper Dan/
I'm a Gun Clappa fam plus I run rappers man/
Fab 5 mad live blow up the spot/
Dru Ha gets the paper, Black Moon still gets the props"

The beauty of "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka"—aside from a snare and kick that'll bring a tear to the eye of any '90s hip-hop purist—is that Starang Wondah's eight bars of magic were built off of impulse. Let Sean Price tell it, Starang spit the opening bar ("Ay, carumba/Starang, Gun Clappa Numba..") as soon as he heard the beat, inadvertently sparking the creation of an accidental classic.

Starang blacked out here, flipping syllables so easily ("Motherfuck Dapper Dan/I'm a Gun Clappa fam/Plus I run rappers man") that it's clear his verse was one of those one take, lightning-strike moments. These eight bars, which open the song, are the equivalent of an emphatic dunk off the opening tip that leaves the crowd in a silent state of awe. This is a tone-setter, one that will have you running it back the same way you did in '96 when you broke the stop button on your Walkman. —Julian Kimble