"Brownsville, home of the brave/
Put in work in the street like a slave/
Keep a rugged dress code, always in this stress mode/
(That shit will send you to your grave) So?/
You think I don't know that?/
Nigga hold that, nigga hold that, nigga hold that/
From the street cousin, you know the drill/
I'm nine hundred and ninety-nine thou short of a mill"

With this ruthless stick-up kid anthem, Lil Fame and Billy Danze unquestionably lived up to their "Mash Out Posse" moniker over a beat that was tailor made to incite malicious activity. The Brownsville duo trade bars like their life is on the line (or at least, your life), and Danze shines through with a verse that warrants an admirable dap from his corner boy brethren, "Brownsville, home of the brave/Put in work in the street like a slave." If you ever meet one of these guys in a dark alley, we're taking your odds of survival off the books. —Edwin Ortiz